Juxly: Bringing Life to a Dead EHR

Project focus

Web application, healthcare, website design

An EMR app that connects healthcare providers and payers

Agency: Hook
Brand: Jacob Scowden
UI/UX: Michael Peacock
Dev: Sung-Duk Kang

I worked on this project while working working at Hook Creative. Our team had just finished refreshing their brand identity, but the client's flagship product had been using the original user flow and interface that the product had launched with.

I was tasked with creating a new visual language to define the application, as well as to test the user assumptions and journey.

The users of the product were doctors and nurses who input patient data on a daily basis. The objective was to help them clearly understand what their options

Distinguishing actions

It was important to give the users visual cues to let them know how many diagnoses remained to be documented so that their providers could disburse payments and provide updated recommendations for health care.

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