Mother's Better Beer Packaging

Project focus

Food + Beverage, craft brewing + beer

We brew love.
Agency: Revel Advertising
Design: Michael Peacock
Illustration: Kendra Miller
Coloring: Amanda Day

I worked on this project while working working at Revel Advertising. It was a project that had been through about a dozen concepts before I got a chance at it. Mother's Brewing Co. is one of the largest local brewers. The ask was to create a design for their beer bottles and 6-pack carriers. These designs needed to be able to scale along with their products, which means they were asking for a design system as much as a concept.

Start at the heart

Up to this point, the brewery was getting by on the quality of their beer and their quirkiness. Each one of their beers had a different look and feel, so the first challenge was to dive deep and identify the heart of the brand *no pun intended*. That involved a heck of a lot of research and user interviews with the founders & brewmasters.

Build a system

It was really important for any design to be easily scaleable across all of their beers, with some really long names. It all needed to feel like a part of a family that was easily identifiable on a shelf in a grocery store. I achieved these things through a flexible grid system (in print, mind you), and a systematic use of colors and icons.

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