LAC: Latin America Caribbean Region of the Assemblies of God

Project focus

non-profit, missions + ministry

Establishing the church in the Latin America Caribbean region

Brand: Michael Peacock

The Assemblies of God World Missions has brands for every region of the world. Each region is branded so that all churches and missionaries of the countries in those regions have a localized brand that resonates with who they are.

I was able to work with the Latin America Caribbean region to refresh their brand. The challenge was that what some people consider to be quintessential Latin American culture doesn't fully encompass all countries within the region. The brand couldn't lean on typical historical or geographical imagery for this reason.

The solution was a simple, but modern monogram/lettermark. After multiple interviews with different missionaries and directors within the organization, we kept coming back to a culture of warmth and familiarity. This was the driving force behind softening the edges of the mark.

A Hidden Compass

One of the requests was to integrate a deeper meaning behind the logo other than just the letters themselves. I wanted to stay away from leaning on complex geographical shapes or physical representations of a church.

The idea was that with all of the mess going on in the world that the AG is almost like a true North or the way to be found when you're lost. The dot in the A made for a perfect, yet subtle nod to this idea, so that it does not distract from the primary direction of the logo, which was to be a clear lettermark, but to add to the uniqueness of it.

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